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The History

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Samuel King, the father of Horatio King, purchased this property in 1795 and began construction of his home. Horatio King was born on the property during the summer solstice of 1811 and spent his childhood here. At eighteen years old, Horatio King and Hannibal Hamlin (former Vice President) owned a political newspaper called the Jeffersonian. Six months into their venture, Hamlin sold his shares to King. King continued the newspaper, moving it to Portland, ME in 1833 and ending its publication in 1838. In 1839, he was appointed a clerk in the post office in DC. Later in 1859, promoted to assistant Postmaster General and served as Postmaster General under President Buchanan for 23 days, as President Abraham Lincoln began his presidential term. President Lincoln appointed King to several committees, including the completion of the Washington monument. In his retirement, he continued on as an author and lawyer in DC. King was also known for his “King’s Reunions” which were evenings of poetry, original essays and memoirs performed at his home in DC. He passed away in 1897 at 85 years old and rests in the Congressional Cemetery. 

Horatio Collins King, son of Horatio King, followed a similar career path as his father. Born in 1837, he was a Union Army Soldier where he received a Medal of Honor during the Civil War for conspicuous gallantry. He was a graduate of Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, a brother of Phi Beta Kappa, a member of the National Guard and admitted to the bar as a lawyer New York City in 1861. An immensely accomplished man, he lived in Brooklyn with his nine children and wife, Esther. While the property was still within the King family at this time, Horatio Collins King did not make a home of it and visited occasionally.

In 1863, nearly the entire property burned to the ground. The farmhouse was rebuilt in 1864, with the front getting ready space and kitchen surviving back to the original homestead. 

The rebuilt farmhouse in 1897.

The 60x40’ post and beam barn we all adore was built in 1899 and has been standing beautifully for us all to enjoy every since! It has held cows, classic cars, baby showers, weddings, celebrations of life and more!

In 2013, the barn was beautifully renovated by the Davis family. The walls were sandblasted and the floor engineered and secured from below to host a rockin’ dance floor. The second floor balcony was a hay loft that could not be used so it was renovated and made secure. In early 2015, the Michaud family purchased the property and has been there since.

Amdist the barn's renovation in 2013.

Do you have images of the King Hill property? 

In an effort to preserve the history of the King property, we have begun collecting photographic and physical artifacts from its history. Over the years, we have hosted many King family descendants and visitors for tours and stays. These visits have helped us gather quite a bit of information! 

If you or someone you know has any historical information to provide us, we would be happy to include it or make a copy to include in our research!

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